1. Is ultraviolet radioactive harmful like Alfa or Gamma rays?

A : No! Ultraviolet rays do not have any residual effect and are not radioactive like Alfa or Gamma rays.


2. What is germicidal ultraviolet radiation?

A: Light rays with wave length between 200 – 280 nm wavelength are called UVC i.e. germicidal ultraviolet rays.



3. What are safety precautions required with ultraviolet radiation?

A : It is important to protect eyes and skin from ultraviolet rays. Never look at a burning ultraviolet lamp!


4. What is UV Dose?

A :UV Dose is the most important factor affecting UV disinfection. UV Dose is expressed as J/m2 or mJ/cm2.


5. How is UV Dose calculated?

A : UV dose is calculated as UVC intensity [w/ m2] x Exposure time [s]