Drinking Water

UV disinfection is ideal for improving the quality of raw water and preventing microorganisms from multiplying…

Soft Drinks & Bottled Water

Soft drinks producers trust UV to provide microbiologically pure water and ingredients, which help protect the flavor and shelf life.

Sugar Syrup

Microbial growth in foods and beverages can cause food discolouration, off flavours and shorten shelf life.

Swimming pools

The primary action of UV is to kill bacteria, viruses and their spores, reducing the risk of transmission of stomach, skin and respiratory tract infections to bathers.


More and more companies and public sector employers are choosing to use UV in conjunction with, or instead of, sterile filters in air ducts.


Ultraviolet energy causes permanent inactivation of micro-organisms by disrupting DNA so that they are no longer able to maintain metabolism or reproduce.


Safeguard the water used in breweries from the risk of water-borne biological contamination.

Ultra Pure Process Water

Installing UV in the flow stream of High Purity water system helps to remove the free chlorine in the makeup water.

Removal of Chlorine

The use of UV lamps is meant for both Germicidal and TOC reduction, which results in additional organic and microbiological reduction.