UV Disinfection for Ultra Pure Process Water

How Does Ultraviolet Work?

It is known that the UV radiation from the sun oxidizes the chlorine in outdoor swimming pools. The use of UV is a known and proven method to remove free chlorine in water. Installing UV in the flow stream of High Purity water system helps to remove the free chlorine in the makeup water.

The use of UV lamps is meant for both Germicidal and TOC reduction which result in additional organic and microbiological reduction.

How the UV is applied for Process Water

Feed water (Process Water) is exposed to UV radiation emitted from UV lamps that emit both 185nm and 254nm wavelength radiation. The lamp is protected inside a quartz tube. The reaction takes place in the UV Reactor that that would contain a single or a bank of lamps.

In the case of Chlorine destruction, the UV emitted from the lamp disassociates the free chlorine through a photochemical reaction, which breaks the Cl-Cl bond. The resulting products are chlorine ions (Cl-) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), which are then removed from the process water

Most Efficient

  • No micro-organisms survive UV disinfection
  • Treatment is effectively monitored
  • Permanent accurate treatment records are produced, so all batches can be traced. Ideal for ISO9000, BS5750 etc.

Superior to Alternatives

  • Chlorine is often unacceptable because of flavour effects
  • UV is the most environmentally friendly way to reduce the number of viable organisms, without causing further pollution

No Detrimental Effects

  • UV leaves no residue
  • Overdosing is not possible
  • UV has no effect on pH, colour, flavour and aroma
  • UV has no detrimental effect on product stability Safety
  • No hazardous chemicals are required
  • No toxic by-products are produced

UV Systems
Selection of the appropriate UV model for each application should be decided in conjunction with a Sukrut UV specialist, who will also advise on the installation and dose.