Sukrut UV Systems Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and services high-quality ultraviolet (UV) Systems for a wide range of demanding water and waste water disinfection applications for quality-conscious customers. Thousands of Sukrut UV systems are excelling at the requirements and expectations of our clients in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and India.

Since 1996, we have had a close development and manufacturing partnership with Australia UV Industry leaders (Including Wedeco AVP Pty. Ltd., Australia until 2008).

The range of Sukrut UV systems (developed and manufactured exclusively WaterMark Level 1 ATS 5200.103 certification.

Sukrut – The industries served

Sukrut’s customer list includes quality-focused market leaders in diverse industries like water and wasteeater treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, ultra-pure water, marine, aqua-culture, swimming pools, drinking water supply, etc.
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Sukrut – The people

Sukrut is set up and managed by qualified engineering professionals with over 23 year’ experience with multinational companies in India and Australia.

The highly dedicated Sukrut team is committed to honesty, quality, technical competence,innovation, reliability and ever-lasting relationships in all spheres of its business. Based on the strong foundation of these values, Sukrut has created a unique position for itself to cater to the critical needs of our global water and waste water industrial clients.