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Sukrut UV supplies, installs and services a wide variety of ultraviolet disinfection systems (UV systems), ultraviolet lamps (uv lamps, uv tubes, uv lights, germicidal lamps), quartz tubes, quartz sleeves, uv intensity sensors, uv monitos, electronic ballasts, O rings and spare parts for uv systems.

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The Sukrut range of UV products is proven in numerous applications including drinking water disinfection, drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, wastewater recycling, rainwater harvesting, water reuse, swimming pool treatment, bacteria removal, virus removal, air disinfection.

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How does UV work? Let’s look at the basics of ultraviolet disinfection. UV Light is a part of natural sunlight and the part of light spectrum between 200 and 280 nm wavelengths is called ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet i.e. UV light is proven for water disinfection, air disinfection, sugar syrup disinfection and surface disinfection over numerous applications.
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